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We didn't invent energy gum.

We simply perfected it.




0 Calories

0 Sugar





50mg Caffeine

Per Piece

Tri-Layer, Cold-Compressed, No-Heat, Technology

Powered by

Proven Technology

Patented cold-press technology to get the perfect flavour.

Zenergy is a revitalizing cold-compressed chewing gum with caffeine and B-Vitamins that helps you get back into your flow state. We use a patented Tri-Layer, Cold-Compressed, No-Heat, No-Moisture technology to give you a controlled release of ingredients and make energy more convenient, delicious and zenned-out than ever!

Zenergy Gum Image

Three Pack Bundle

Six Pack Bundle

Twelve Pack Bundle

Hack your way through the 2pm slump and late nights. Instead of reaching for the second or third cup of coffee, give Zenergy a try! Gum that moves you, infused with caffeine and balanced with B-vitamins.

Bundle includes:

6 packs of Zenergy (48 pieces)

8 piece/pack

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