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Nik Ingersoll, Founder Barnana

"The craziest thing about this gum is that it has the rare combination of legit function AND good taste. Enough punch to power me through the forest and enough flavor to chew at the office."

Marta Skreta, Grad Student

"As a grad student in Artificial Intelligence, I constantly have late nights to meet all my deadlines. Zenergy is always there for me when I need a boost of energy - it’s quick, doesn’t make me feel jittery, and makes my breath fresh! Score!!!"

Jane Lee, Founder Launch Pop

"I remember having a huge meeting and I was just so drained.  I didn't have time to get a coffee or a redbull so instead I popped Zenergy and I've never gone back.  I really love how fast it works and how focused I felt." 

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