Why Zenergy – ZENERGY

We didn't invent energy gum.

We perfected it.

Our Idea

Super Gum.

Get more out of your gum! Infused with caffeine and balanced with B-Vitamins, our gum packs a powerful, health-friendly punch.

Benefits of Zenergy

Calorie Free
Sugar Free
Gluten Free
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Nut Free
Aspartame Free

Our Product

Energy gum never

tasted this good.

We swapped the usual junk that energy products have for vegan, gluten-free, zero sugar, zero aspartame, zero calorie, and keto-friendly ingredients, all without sacrificing taste.

Our Energy

We do what your beverage can’t.

Your energy delivered in 10 mins unlike your beverage taking 45 mins. Sleek enough to fit your pocket, portable enough to fit in your routine.

Our Process

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Zenergy uses a patented Tri-Layer, Cold-Compressed, No-Heat, No-Moisture technology to protect our sensitive ingredients and achieve a high quality texture with delicious taste. Our Tri-Layer process allows separation of ingredients giving a controlled release of energy that is more convenient, fast, and flavorful than ever.

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