Creating energy gum

About Us

The story behind Zenergy is one with deep roots in a college environment. Rohan Kumar, Founder & CEO of The Do More Company, the company behind Zenergy, was sick and tired of drinking coffee and energy drinks in his final year of college. Coffee did not sit well with his stomach and energy drinks, well they were just plain unhealthy. Rohan decided to take this problem on, and came across the idea of adding caffeine into a piece of chewing gum.

He started making energy gum in his student residence and began giving samples to friends and family. After receiving some positive feedback, he produced countless prototypes to create a well crafted recipe. Over two years of continuous intensive research with a food-grade lab and a successful crowdfunding campaign that helped raise additional capital from investors, the team is proud to say that they have formulated a perfect source of energy for anyone striving to do more.